How Does The OhMiBod Work?

It’s simple! The OhMiBod reacts to your tips. Every model sets her own levels of pleasure. You can tip based on how intense you want to set off the vibrator. If you want to give her a little vibration just to let her know you’re there, just tip a little. If you want to drive her crazy with pleasure, tip a lot. It’s always up to you and the model will love every vibration you give to her.

Do The Models Enjoy It?

Of course! These models absolutely love putting their pleasure into your hands. They never know when the vibrations will start and make them squeal in pleasure. That’s why they use them in the first place. They want it all to happen when you want it to, and no one else.

Can The OhMiBod Device Make Them Cum?

Just watch! Click yourself into any room and you’ll end up seeing your model cumming harder than she’s ever cum in her life. If you want to make it even better, you can make her cum yourself!